Dental Health

The overall health of your mouth is extremely important, as the mouth is the window to the body. Often, what goes own in our mouth can reveal what’s going on in the body. Often oral health can be overlooked and oral diseases like cavities and/or oral cancers can inflict pain on many people. It’s known that diseases in the mouth can be linked to some chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Our aim is to help prevent this in our patients by providing a dental clinic where individuals can regularly visit the dentist.

Our Dental Services

We offer discounted dental care individuals who are uninsured/underinsured. Dental careservices are based on a sliding scale fee. Income documentation is required before a dental appointment can be scheduled

Our services include the following:
● Adult and Child Hygiene (teeth cleaning )
● Filling of cavities
● Extractions
● Denture referrals
● We DO NOT offer orthodontics (braces), endodontic treatment of molars, oral surgery,
periodontal treatment, fixed prosthodontics, implants, and cosmetic dentistry

An advance appointment is required to see a dentist; no walk-in appointments are available for our dental clinic. Your first appointment will be for an initial examination and x-rays to determine a dental treatment plan. A dental appointment fee is due at the time of service, for each visit. If you have a dental appointment and do not come to the clinic to see the dentist when scheduled, you will be charged a late fee and have to rescheduled.
Please email us at or
call us at 678-793-9335 for more information about
our dental care services

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