Place of Hope Clinic provides largely discounted medications to our patients through our in-house dispensary. Our dispensary only serves our own patients when they have a prescription after seeing our medical or dental professional staff. Our dispensary is not open to the public. We do not keep narcotic medications in the clinic and we do not write prescriptions for any medications that may put you at high risk for addiction.

Dispensary Hours
Sundays 12 pm - 3pm
Wednesdays 5 pm - 8 pm


You must see a medical physician to have your medication refilled for 30-60 days.

If you get your medication from our dispensary:
You may call for a refill before your medications run out. However, you must see a medical physician at our clinic to receive a refill and/or 1 week’s worth of medication until you can schedule to see the physician at our clinic.


If a physician requires that you come labwork prior to you getting medication and/or for a physical examination, you can use Quest labs (a lab company we partner with). We will send the orders to Quest labs and pay an additional charge depending on the labwork needed.

Labs can vary from $15 up to $70 or more, depending on the type of labs the physician needs you to complete. Please be prepared to pay this amount before the physician’s orders for labwork to be done at Quest

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